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Tourist destinations — the mosques of Baku

13653394_10154312026517158_6050582239424583326_oAzerbaijan is home to an interesting mixture of European and Islamic Asian cultures. Its long history of rule by various invading empires leaves it with several important and often conflicting cultural legacies. There are a variety of religions practised through the inhabitants of Baku, owing mainly to the range of different cultures which have influenced the city through the years. Christianity and Zoroastrianism both have a healthy number of followers, but in a total stake of 93.4% of people of Azerbaijan, Islam is by far probably the most influential faith. Since it has been under the influence of Islam for thus long, Baku is home to a lot of beautiful mosques, such as Bibi- Eybat Mosque, Taza-Pir Mosque, The Mosque «Agha Mir Movsum», The Mosque «Rahima Khanum Shrine» and more.
Tour Program
09:00 Breakfast in the hotel
10:00-17:00 Departure and visit of Holy Places:
The Mosque of Bibi-Heybat
Ancient Shiite mosque, located on the Caspian shore in the village named Shikh. According to legend, in the ages between 8-9 Harun-ar-Rashid and the eighth Imam Ali ibn Musa ar-Reza had a conflict. In consequence of that, the Imam and his family leave Baghdad and lose each other in the road. Imam Reza arrives in a village not far from the Iranian city of Khorasan, and his sister Hokuma with servant Heybat settled in Baku. After the death of Hokuma over her grave was built a tomb. According to Muslim law woman not allowed to be called by name, and in this connection, Heybat turned to her mistress but by using the word «BiBi»(Aunt). Therefore tomb got the name — «Bibi Heybat».
Taza -pir mosque
The Teze Pir Mosque. This mosque was built-in the early 20th century, and funded through the famous philanthropist Nabat khanum Ashurbeily. Combining a marble dome with gold-topped minarets, a pistachio-walled prayer room and fine oriental ornamentation throughout, your building is a true thing of beauty.
The Mosque «Agha Mir Movsum»
The religious building was built after the death of Seid, who lived in the historical part of Baku, the population of the city revered as a saint, and the ability to cure the sick. World-Movsum Aga was with underdeveloped bones, and was unable to walk or even sit exactly, which is why the people he was known as a «man without bones»
13:00 For additional price it is possible to arrange the lunch in the national restaurant.
14:00 Later the tour proceeds by visiting
The Mosque «Rahima Khanum Shrine»
This sanctuary complex is located in the northern part of the village of Nardaran. There is kept the tomb Rahima Khanum, sister of Hazrat Imam Rza. She is one of the descendants of the Prophet, who sought protection in Azerbaijan during the reign of Harun al-Rashid and Mamun. Together with her family took refuge in the village, and after her death she was buried here
17:00 Back to Baku
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